Looking back at 2013

It’s been another good year for music and this blog! Let’s take a moment for a quick recap, and compare with what was promised a year ago…


Once we’d finally finished messing around with the extended Christmas break, we were back! Loads of reviews, free mp3s, and more!


As promised we worked our way gently towards the BRIT Awards 2013 with a journey through a pile of older ceremonies!


The Playlist for stowaways launched, and has kept over one person entertained with intermittent mixtapes.


OMD came back. Again. With an album that was a little bit better than their previous comeback History of Modern.


We covered Kraftwerk‘s 3D concert in Singapore!


We celebrated the 25th anniversary of Depeche Mode‘s 101 performance in Pasadena by reviewing the album!


Pet Shop Boys reappeared with the iridescent Electric, pretty much undeniably their best album since 1993’s Very.


No idea whether One Direction turned out to be any good or not… They probably twerked a bit or something.


Goldfrapp turned up again, more pastoral than ever, with the totally delightful Tales of Us.


We celebrated the Q Awards and the Barclaycard Mercury Prize 2013.


Bonkers Frenchman Sébastien Tellier reappeared with his latest album.


And that just about wraps it up for 2013! Have fun tonight!

Top Tracks of 2013 – Goldfrapp

We’ve nearly made it to 2014, and these are some of the best tracks of 2013:

  • 10. Karl Bartos – Without Trace of Emotion
  • 9. Tomorrow’s World – You Taste Sweeter
  • 8. Vanessa Paradis – Love Song
  • 7. Maps – AMA

At number six is the opening track from Goldfrapp‘s excellent new album Tales of Us. Sorry about the bootleg recording, but at the time of writing there isn’t a proper video yet – this is Jo:

Top Tracks of 2013 – Tomorrow’s World

Tomorrow’s World was a side project this year from some or all of Air (let’s be honest, is it really worth doing any research into this?) They put out a pretty good eponymous album this year, and the number nine track on our countdown of 2013 is You Taste Sweeter. Unfortunately it isn’t on the interwebs, so this is So Long My Love instead:


Christmas for stowaways


Merry Christmas. Or “Happy Holidays” if you think that somehow wishing non-Christians a merry Christmas is supposed to be offensive.

I won’t share anything completely new here, but why not take a spin through the Christmas countdown from last year?

You might also enjoy Erasure‘s Gaudete, which I shared a couple of weeks ago, or the review of their Crackers International EP from last week. Or Saint Etienne‘s lovely Through the Winter from a few days ago, or even Proper Chrimbo, which we revisited a day or two ago.