Week of oldies 3

Time now for our third week of oldies, in which several classic albums happen to celebrate an important anniversary at once. This week sees us celebrating anniversaries from a French duo, a proud one-hit wonder, and what should have been an electronic supergroup. But who could they be?

Awards Season 2017

Welcome to Awards Season 2017! As we cautiously poke our noses over the threshold of the New Year, it’s time to rake a look back at just how great the preceding one was for music!

We’ll start in a week with the nominees for this year’s Stowaway Awards, and then pretty much every week until late February we’ll highlight the latest news from one of the ceremonies, including the BRIT Awards and the Grammys. Stay tuned for more!

Greatest Hits – Vol. 9

Every so often when things are quiet, I like to take a bit of a breather and highlight some of the reviews you might have missed in recent times. Here’s another selection:

  • The Avalanches – Since I Left You
  • Camouflage – Spice Crackers
  • Enigma – MCMXC a.D.
  • Goldfrapp – Felt Mountain
  • Gotan Project – Lunático
  • Kraftwerk – Autobahn
  • Pet Shop Boys – Please
  • Sparks – Hello Young Lovers
  • Yello – Baby
  • Various Artists – Metropolis

Read and enjoy!

Bizarre search engine terms – 2017 edition

I don’t normally pay a lot of attention to the statistics for this blog, to be honest, but roughly once a year, I like to take a peek through and see what crazy search engine terms people have used to get to the site. Here’s a selection…


I love the idea of a junior version of INXS. Perhaps you’re thinking of Michael Hutchence‘s daughter, whom UK tabloid The Daily Racist seem to have been obsessed with for some time, disturbingly describing her as “remarkably beautiful” when she was just fifteen.

Thanks, by the way – I just lost comfortably half an hour Wikisurfing about the sad tales of Paula Yates and her family.

robin hood trevor horns

You might be thinking of Batman, who’s a similar sort of historical character I believe. Trevor Horns produced Seal‘s Kiss from a Rose in 1994.

have madness rever won a brit award

Astonishingly, they rever haven’t – they have three nominations to their name, but that’s it. Check out my list of BRIT Award Losers here.

royksopp the understanding rubbish

Definitely not. Royksopp the understanding quite exceptional.

fascinating facts about the brit awards

That’s a subjective term, but I found these pretty fascinating. And these. And also these.

alison moyet cat deeley forum

This sounds like a great event, which all of us should thing about attending. The closest I can find is that time someone pretended to be Alison Moyet on Stars in Their Eyes.

1990 brit awards who returned awards

That would be Fine Young Cannibals that you’re thinking of. Because nobody really liked Margaret Thatcher.

smashie and nicey shamen

No idea about this one. I’m assuming it’s a clip which may or may not exist, but if you do manage to find anything, please share it with the rest of the class.

trevor pinnock songs of the auvergne

In an extreme moment of self-doubt, I actually searched this blog to find out what that takes you to. The answer lies in the 1984 BRIT Awards!

Well that was fun, wasn’t it? See also: the 20162015, 2014, and 2013 editions.

Looking ahead at 2017

This year will see this blog celebrating its fifth anniversary! Hopefully you’ll forgive a little introspection – honestly the chances of reaching the tenth without a struggle are pretty slim (that’s not a prediction for this blog in particular, just an observation that ten years is a bloody long time).

Just this week, we’ll be celebrating our 1,500th post, before launching into awards season, with detailed looks at lots of the nominations for the BRITs, the Grammys, and obviously most excitingly, the Stowaway Awards, all coming up this month. Next month we’ll look at the winners, and then in March we’ve got a fourth and final season of posts looking at Peel Sessions.

Obviously celebrating a fifth anniversary warrants some very special self-aggrandising nonsense, which I’m sure we’re entirely capable of. Stay tuned for more!

Looking back at 2016

Normally this seems a good time to throw in a silly “junk” post about this blog satisfactorily fulfilled all its goals in the last year, but 2016 has been a funny one. A few very good things have happened, and an awful lot of very bad ones too.

Rather than pick any of them out by name, as we look forward to the nuclear holocaust that 2017 looks like being, let’s just enjoy this glorious celebration of one of the many true greats who was lost in the last twelve months.

Week of oldies

The first week in September normally sees a bit of a backlog of new releases, as all the major pop stars return from their summer retreats at Butlin’s, and that leaves us with a lot of things to review around this time of year. So this week, we’re going to put regular proceedings on hold, and review some classic oldies from 5, 10, 15, 20, or maybe even as much as 30 years ago. What will we choose? Stay tuned to find out.