Eight years of stowaways

So it is that we limp past the eight year mark for this blog. Little did I think, all those years ago, that it would still be going after all this time. Well, it barely is – I used to post every day, then every weekday, then a few times a week, and then the fun of the lockdown meant I barely had any time to slow down and listen to music, let alone to write about it.

But I can’t really complain – I’m still here, eight years on, looking back at over two thousand posts of general music-related drivel. I was going to post something linking back to the first post, but I see now that it was about Pet Shop BoysWinner, which I always thought was unfairly derided, but it was hardly one of their finest moments. So let’s do this instead, which definitely is – here’s Thursday:

Greatest Hits – Covid Edition

I’m all too aware that there haven’t been a lot of new reviews around here lately – sorry for that. For now, with the lockdown firmly in place, let’s roll back to some of the reviews from the last couple of years that you might have missed!

Longest Day

Well, these are interesting times, aren’t they?

For a number of reasons, actually completely unrelated to the reason you might be thinking of, posts have dried up here a bit recently. There was a time, back in the day, when I was able to stay well ahead with writing reviews, and never had any shortage of content. Time passed, and gradually life got busier, and honestly this blog has been limping along for a while now.

So, what now? I may have run out of posts, but I’m not short of ideas, so this blog will definitely return – probably not seven days a week again, but maybe once a week, and probably not for a little while, unless I suddenly find a lot of free time for some reason. For now, while I’m housebound, I’m afraid family duties have to take top priority!

So let me leave you with this, the ninth most played track in my iTunes library: the brilliant Dave Gahan, providing vocals for Soulsavers, on Longest Day. Please take it easy, stay safe, and enjoy the silence!

Greatest Hits 2020

Happy New Year! To celebrate, here are ten reviews from the last few years that you might have missed:

Seven years of stowaways

In spite of some recent lapses, we appear to have made it to this blog’s seventh birthday! If you’ve been around since this day in 2012, then thanks for sticking with me, and if you’re one of the seemingly ever-growing number of readers, then thanks for joining in!

Coming up in the next few months, as and when I have time, I’ll see whether I can get the rest of my History of the UK Charts series together, as well as all the regular (-ish) reviews, previews, random jukebox, charts, and other “fun”. Please stay tuned, and if I don’t have time to post anything new, why not browse the archives? They’re probably just as contemporary as anything I post on a daily basis!

Obviously you can’t tune into a blog, but you get my point…

Coming Back

Well, this has been a wild few weeks! I did warn you that things might go quiet, but I had hoped that I might get a bit more of a chance to mitigate it. I don’t really want to go into everything that’s happened since you last saw regular posts, but let’s just say that it was out of my control. So anyway, sorry for just how quiet things have been over the last few weeks, anyway.

I’m going to ramp things back up slowly, and we might not ever quite hit the velocity of posts that we used to have, but I hope to be able to provide a few posts a week going forward – including reviews of oldies, previews of interesting new tracks, the random jukebox, features that are hopefully of interest, and maybe even our very own chart. After all, we’re a matter of weeks away from the blog’s seventh birthday, so it would be a shame to stop now!

Coming soon – Record Companies

There are, of course, certain record companies that illicit the response of a highly collectible artist. There’s something about the consistency of their roster of musicians, or perhaps they’re just a little more daring than all the major labels.

So in this new series, we will celebrate a selection of the world’s finest, most intriguing, and oddest record companies. Stay tuned!

So it begins

Particularly observant readers amongst you might have noticed that I missed Monday’s regular post. There’s a good chance this might keep happening, unfortunately. I’ve got a whole load more posts to finish off for you, but the regular ones are likely to tail off a bit, as I’m running very low on time right now. So, sorry in advance for any upcoming intermissions!

Coming soon – History of the UK Charts

I am, as we’ve probably established over the preceding 2,066 posts on this blog, the kind of person who goes off in their spare time and does things like researching the history of the UK charts – singles, albums, and everything in between. It turned out to be pretty interesting, and seems to me to be the sort of thing that you shouldn’t keep to yourself, so starting around this time next week I’m going to share my research with you. Hopefully you’ll find it as interesting as I did.

Awards season 2019

Welcome to 2019, and welcome to Awards Season! Coming up in the next few weeks:

  • We’ll look back again at the BRIT Awards of the past
  • We’ll celebrate the 2019 Stowaway, BRIT, NME, and Grammy Awards
  • Finally, we’ll compile a compendium of all of the awards yet published on this blog

… and hopefully lots of other exciting stuff too! Stay tuned.