A Christmas Countdown – John Shuttleworth

Christmas songs are, as we all know, timeless. It doesn’t matter whether they were released this year, or twenty years ago. Christmas is about tradition, and traditions must go on.

So this is Music for stowaways‘s Christmas countdown. Every day for the next ten days I’ll share a Christmas track with you, and we’ll work our way up to the top spot on Christmas Day. At number 10, it’s everyone’s favourite South Yorkshire-based comic John Shuttleworth.

If you don’t know much about him, then you’re in good company. But I love his particularly gentle form of comedy, and his character is from my neck of the woods so I know a lot of the places he references – particularly in Dandelion and Burdock, in which he sings “At the Crich Tram Museum / I was with a friend called Ian.” Not a reference that many non-midlanders will get, that one.

Anyway, John Shuttleworth kicks off our Christmas countdown at number 10. Here’s The Christmas Orphan:

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Countdown – John Shuttleworth

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