Preview – Poliça

Poliça are back, with this beautifully warped piece, Driving. It’s taken from their new album, When We Stay Alive.

Preview – Ben Watt

I haven’t particularly been following Ben Watt‘s career post-Everything But The Girl, which is clearly foolish, as this is great. From the new album Storm Damage, which is coming soon, this is Sunlight Follows the Night:

Preview – Ace of Base

Who were Ace of Base, exactly? One of the first acts of the 1990s Europop movement, and yet much more pop than most of the others. One of the earliest acts of the second huge Swedish pop wave. Were they a bit naff, or an inventive and influential pop act? Or were they a bit of a sad case, a family (plus one) pulled apart by fame and fortune?

Well, anyway – here’s Happy Nation, from Gold, out now: