Preview – Andy Bell

I suppose Andy Bell must have snuck out three of these now while we weren’t paying proper attention. Well, here’s another one, Variance III: The Torsten In Queereteria Remixes:

Preview – Moby

Like you, I haven’t paid Moby much attention recently, but as always, he’s been churning out new material. The new album is All VIsible Objects, and brings us this track, Power is Taken:

Preview – The Human League

The Human League are back again, albeit with another reissue. Having just missed a world cup, Octopus was their comeback album from 1995 (they managed to time it better in 1986 and 1990), and took them straight back into the top ten. This reissue is oddly conceived, with different tracks on the vinyl and CD bonus discs, but it does see the first ever official release of a mix of Tell Me When by their then-label mates The Beloved and also a whole load of demos. This was the non-album single that time forgot, the lovely Stay with Me Tonight:

Preview – The Beloved

I’ll no doubt write a longer piece about this at some point, but back in the day, The Beloved were my favourite band. At some point, well over a decade after it happened, I discovered they had had a whole indie career before the dance-pop I knew them for. And now, it’s back again! For the first time in 33 years, Where It Is is available on CD and digital formats, from Bandcamp and all the other regular sites, with a whole host of bonus tracks, all remastered and EQ’d up. It’s pretty incredible to hear it finally sounding this good. Here’s Forever Dancing, as a taster: