Preview – a-ha

I’m not exactly sure to what degree the world was crying out for an a-ha unplugged album, but they got one, and by the sounds of things it might actually be pretty good. Summer Solstice was released a couple of weeks ago, and here’s The Living Daylights.


Preview – Europe

It would definitely be remiss of me not to mention the comeback of Europe, the Swedish rock band who – let’s be fair here – are only known outside of Sweden for The Final Countdown. Somehow they have racked up eleven studio albums when the rest of the world wasn’t looking, and here’s the title track from the new one, which came out last week:

Preview – Fever Ray

A surprise release last week was the comeback from Fever Ray, six years after her debut eponymous album. The album Plunge is out now, and of course it’s brilliant (and a little bit obscene, so maybe turn it down if you’re in public). Here’s To the Moon and Back: