Preview – Depeche Mode

Well Depeche Mode are back, beards and all, with their fourteenth studio album Spirit. We’ll find out in just a few days whether it’s any good this time, or whether it just offers the odd standout track like their last couple of releases. But it’s exciting nonetheless, and if nothing else it’s worth it for the excellent new single Where’s the Revolution.

Preview – Marc Almond

Nurp nurp. Obviously you’ll be buying this for Tainted Love, but this latest compilation by Marc Almond and Soft Cell also brings you most of the important hits (BedsitterSay Hello, Wave GoodbyeThe Days of Pearly SpencerAdored and Explored, etc). It’s spread across two discs, possibly not entirely out of necessity, but it does have this rather nice new track, A Kind of Love (presumably a Tainted kind).

Preview – Dreadzone

There’s a new album just appeared from Dreadzone, after I don’t know how many years in the wilderness (I just checked – their last chart hit was exactly twenty years ago). It sounds pretty good though – it’s called Dread Times, and here’s a preview: