Preview – Chicane

After a long period of silence at the very time when he would have had a lot of hits, it is good to see Chicane being so prolific in recent years, but it’s getting hard to keep up (hence the fact that I’m posting this about a month late) especially with the volume of slightly unnecessary cover versions. Anyway, this week’s new album is called The Place You Can’t Remember, The Place You Can’t Forget, and this track is called Serendipity:


Preview – Erasure

Erasure have had a busy couple of years, with World Be Gone, followed by World Beyond, and now the live companion World Be Live. The naming falls apart a little bit at the stage, but here’s a great version of Phantom Bride:

Preview – The Orb

Honestly, I haven’t really been paying a lot of attention to The Orb‘s output in the last few years, but they’re absolutely still at it. From the new album No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds, here’s the lovely Rush Hill Road: