Archive Review – Garbage – Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)

In November 2001, I wrote a second review for Aberystwyth’s student newspaper The Courier, in exchange for a promo copy of the latest Garbage single. The review was never published, perhaps because it isn’t very good (although that probably shouldn’t have stopped it).

Garbage have always known how to craft the perfect pop track, and this latest single from their current album Beautiful Garbage is no exception. Inspired by some writer who I’ve never heard of (J.T. LeRoy), it features everything we know from Garbage, from the characteristic bleeps and boings to the grungy guitars. The single comes jam packed with new tracks and excellent remixes by the likes of Roger Sanchez and Howie B. It’s not exactly new ground for Garbage, but it’s far from textbook stuff, and if all the schoolchildren of pop learnt from this then nobody would have any cause to complain. 4/5


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