Beginner’s guide to I Monster

Bonkers Sheffield duo who briefly hit the charts in 2001 with Daydream in Blue, and otherwise have only managed to grab the limelight by appearing in an enormous number of films and TV shows. Despite which, they have a quite exceptional set of three albums to their name already, and are well worth tracking down.

Key moments

After some early tracks which are now lost in the Sheffield underworld, Daydream in Blue became a significant chillout hit, and then The Blue Wrath became one of the most important tracks on the Shaun of the Dead soundtrack.

Where to start

Begin with the remodelled version of Neveroddoreven (2004) – it’s the one with flies wearing suits on the cover. In addition to being a great album, you’ll find a couple of cleverly hidden bonus tracks at each end.

What to buy

Fill in the gaps from Neveroddoreven with 2012’s Rare compilation, then jump forward to 2009 for their third album A Dense Swarm of Ancient Stars (the download version has bonus tracks). As an entertaining side-step you could then go back to The All Seeing I‘s related 1999 album Pickled Eggs and Sherbet.

By the way, they did make the debut album These Are Our Children (1999) available for free at one stage, and if you can find a download then it’s definitely worth a listen.

Don’t bother with

Most of the singles, which are largely just remixes, and the Remixed collection (2012) might feel a little bit too much like hard work for the time being.

Hidden treasure

Each album has at least one or two hidden treasures. The album-only track Stars on Sunday from Pickled Eggs & Sherbet is truly exceptional, as is Laser Gun from These Are Our Children. Finally, Only a Show, one of the b-sides to As Long As There Is You and Me (2006) is a very special treat.

And finally if you haven’t heard me wax lyrical about their side project Skywatchers then please check out the links below.

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