Beginner’s guide to Duran Duran

Duran Duran were one of the biggest acts of the eighties, and briefly, the nineties too. But if you haven’t come across them before, where should you begin?

Key moments

Who could forget Rio or A View to a Kill? Or the dreadful Notorious? Perhaps their early nineties comeback with Ordinary World and Come Undone?

Where to start

The compilation Greatest only goes up to 1998, but you don’t really need much of what came after that, and it’s largely comprehensive otherwise. Start there.

What to buy

Rio (1982) is, of course, essential, and there are some nice special editions to consider. Their eponymous debut (1981) is also well regarded, but there’s really nothing else that can be recommended here.

Don’t bother with

Much, actually. Notorious (1986) is largely dreadful apart from Skin Trade. Duran Duran (The Wedding Album) (1993) isn’t that great either – surprisingly, given how good the singles were. And the cover version album Thank You (1995) is every bit as awful as people said at the time.

Hidden treasure

Out of My Mind, their 1998 single from The Saint is brilliant, as was (Reach Up for the) Sunrise, from Astronaut (2004). Regardless of how much you like them, you’ll find hidden delights dotted throughout their career.

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