Coming Back

Well, this has been a wild few weeks! I did warn you that things might go quiet, but I had hoped that I might get a bit more of a chance to mitigate it. I don’t really want to go into everything that’s happened since you last saw regular posts, but let’s just say that it was out of my control. So anyway, sorry for just how quiet things have been over the last few weeks, anyway.

I’m going to ramp things back up slowly, and we might not ever quite hit the velocity of posts that we used to have, but I hope to be able to provide a few posts a week going forward – including reviews of oldies, previews of interesting new tracks, the random jukebox, features that are hopefully of interest, and maybe even our very own chart. After all, we’re a matter of weeks away from the blog’s seventh birthday, so it would be a shame to stop now!


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