Countdown to Eurovision – Stefan Raab

Unlike you, I don’t know a lot about The Eurovision Song Contest, apart from the fact that it’s coming up in a few weeks time. With that in mind, all I can do if throw out a couple of my favourite moments from previous years to help get us in the mood.

Stefan Raab is a massive TV celebrity in Germany, not unlike a less irritating Chris Moyles. In 2011, when Germany won what they confusingly like to call the Grand Prix (Eurovision to you), he even got to present it, but that wasn’t his first encounter with the contest. It wasn’t even the second.

In 1998, he wrote Guildo Horn‘s entry for Germany Guildo hat euch lieb; in 2004 he wrote Can’t Wait Until Tonight for Max Mutzke. He was the mentor for the 2010 and 2011 entries. But his finest moment came in 2000, when he performed his own track Wadde hadde dudde da? in Stockholm. Here it is: