Music for the Masses 4 – 8 December 1999

Some radio shows go better than others, and sometimes the audience is more aware than at other times. According to my commentary below, this was a total disaster, but looking at the tracks played at least, it sounds like a pretty good show. Originally broadcast on Bay Radio.

show4br (2)

Tracks played on the fourth show, Wed 8 Dec 1999, from 11am-1pm

Tracks taken from the playlist (Total 12 tracks). A indicates A-list (8 tracks); B indicates B-list (2 tracks) and C indicates C-list (2 tracks). S indicates the Single of the Week. R indicates tracks taken from my own collection (Total 8 tracks). L indicates tracks I played with the general aim of impressing people (Total 7 tracks).

  • 1. Madonna “Nothing Really Matters” L
  • 2. Deep Forest “Boheme” R
  • 3. Robbie Williams “She’s the One” C
  • 4. Cuban Boys “Cognoscenti vs. Intelligentsia” A
  • 5. Beastie Boys “Alive” A
  • 6. Groove Armada “At the River” R
  • 7. James “We’re Going To Miss You” S
  • 8. Depeche Mode “It’s No Good” R
  • 9. Corrs “Radio” A
  • 10. Everything But the Girl “Hatfield 1980” R
  • 11. Robert Miles “Children” R
  • 12. Sparks “When Do I Get To Sing ‘My Way'” (Sticks & Stones Remix) R
  • 13. Solid Gold Chartbusters “I Wanna 1-2-1 With You” L
  • 14. Longpigs “The Frank Sonata” A
  • 15. Fun Lovin’ Criminals “Couldn’t Get It” B
  • 16. Tin Tin Out feat. Emma Bunton “What I Am” L
  • 17. Heaven 17 “Another Big Idea” R
  • 18. Chicane “Saltwater” (Original Mix) R
  • 19. Tom Jones & Cerys “Baby it’s Cold Outside” A
  • 20. Charlatans “My Beautiful Friend” A
  • 21. Basement Jaxx “Rendez-Vu” R
  • 22. Mr. Hankey “The Christmas Poo” A
  • 23. Europe “The Final Countdown 2000” A
  • 24. Nine Inch Nails “We’re in this Together” B
  • 25. Beck “Sexxlaws”
  • 26. Gene “As Good As It Gets” L
  • 27. William Orbit “Barber’s Adagio for Strings” L
  • 28. Jean Michel Jarre “Oxygène 8” R

Producer: None.

Notes: Eeeh dear, let’s see if we can not repeat that performance for a while, shall we children? Well, my defence is “Ugh, I feel bad ” (which I do), and I’m sticking to it… we had two records playing at once; sticky play button problems again; drying up on air… the list goes on and on…