Live – September 2013

Here are your live highlights in the next month or two:

The Orb

With dates coming up in the USA, the UK, and eventually France over the next few months, it must be fascinating to see them live.

Full list of dates on Songkick


The experimental Icelandic group are taking in the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Iceland, and the UK over the next few months.

Full list of dates on Songkick

808 State

Straight out of 1989, but with a whole slew of albums behind them, some of which are really rather good too. Over the next few months you can catch them at festivals and supporting the Happy Mondays around the UK.

Full list of dates on Songkick


Depeche Mode-imitators or not, they’ve been responsible for some pretty excellent tracks. Catch them live across Germany through the Autumn.

Full list of dates on Songkick

Roni Size

It would be fascinating to know what to expect from Roni Size live, so if you can, head to see him across the USA through October and November.

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Playlist for stowaways – Comme Mode

If you’ve ever spent any time in Germany, you’ll know that they really like Depeche Mode over there. Absolutely love them. There’s a whole raft of bands who sound a lot like them. Which, for a band who the UK still like to regard as purveyors of slightly naff plinky plonky pop, is quite impressive.

The latest Playlist for stowaways is a tribute to Depeche Mode – acts inspired by them, related to them, or who just sound a little bit like them.

It’s online now, located here. Here are the tracks that make it up:

  1. Dave Gahan – I Need You (Radio Mix)
  2. Mesh – From This Height (Pocket Orchestra Remix)
  3. Bomb the Bass – Winter in July (7″)
  4. Duran Duran – Out of My Mind (Perfecto Mix)
  5. Front Line Assembly – Everything Must Perish
  6. Martin L. Gore – In a Manner of Speaking
  7. Lindum & Lindum – Waiting for the Night
  8. Wolfsheim – Kein Zurück
  9. Recoil – Jezebel
  10. De/Vision – Dress Me When I Bleed
  11. Camouflage – Love is a Shield (Single Version)
  12. The Clarke and Ware Experiment – Wilderness/Turbulence
  13. Soulsavers – Longest Day