Playlist for stowaways – Norge

Roundabout now I should be in the middle of uploading my second Playlist for stowaways, which is dedicated to my love of Norwegian music. MFS002 is entitled Norge, and can be found at Mixcloud:

The tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Erlend Øye – Sheltered Life (Radio Edit)
  2. Annie – Anniemal
  3. Donkeyboy – Awake
  4. Erot – Song for Annie
  5. a-ha – The Living Daylights
  6. Kings of Convenience – Little Kids
  7. Morten Abel – Tulipz
  8. Ane Brun and Vince Clarke – Fly on the Windscreen
  9. Datarock – The Pretender (Holy Ghost Remix Radio Edit)
  10. Mira Craig – Huldra II
  11. The Whitest Boy Alive – High on the Heels
  12. Kahuun – Galu-Tex
  13. Margaret Berger – Robot Song
  14. Depeche Mode – Peace (Robert Solheim Remix)
  15. Röyksopp feat. Susanne Sundfør – Running to the Sea

If that doesn’t make you want to travel directly to Norway, then I honestly don’t know what will. They have fjords too, that might help. And northern lights.

It does go a bit Blue Jam a couple of times in the middle, for which I apologise, but I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed compiling and mixing it.

Chart for stowaways – 1 December 2012

Oh well, we’ll catch up eventually I suppose. Here’s last week’s singles chart!

  1. Pet Shop Boys – Leaving
  2. The Presets – Ghosts
  3. Moist – Far Beyond the Endless
  4. Delerium – Consciousness of Love
  5. Delerium feat. Nadina – Monarch
  6. Eric Prydz vs. Floyd – Proper Education
  7. Van She – Jamaica
  8. Ane Brun & Vince Clarke – Fly on the Windscreen
  9. The Good Natured – Video Voyeur
  10. Cut Copy – Hearts on Fire

Next week we’ll be kicking off our Christmas countdown, so the chart will continue in the New Year.

Chart for stowaways – 24 November 2012

Slight delay due to my being on the road again this weekend – here are last week’s singles…

  1. Pet Shop Boys – Leaving
  2. Delerium feat. Nadina – Monarch
  3. The Presets – Ghosts
  4. Van She – Jamaica
  5. Ane Brun & Vince Clarke – Fly on the Windscreen
  6. The Good Natured – Video Voyeur
  7. Eric Prydz vs. Floyd – Proper Education
  8. Delerium – Music Box Opera
  9. Cut Copy – Hearts on Fire
  10. Wiley feat. Emeli Sandé – Never Be Your Woman

So that’s the millionth week at the top for Leaving, and on the albums Delerium hold on for their second, and there’s a whole lot of I Monster and LCD Soundsystem floating around still.

Chart for stowaways – 10 November 2012

Both charts are bouncing around a bit this week. The singles are a little more stable, with Pet Shop Boys enjoying their seventh week at number one and Delerium sticking for an unprecedented eleventh week at number two:

  1. Pet Shop Boys – Leaving
  2. Delerium – Monarch
  3. The Good Natured – Video Voyeur
  4. The Presets – Ghosts
  5. Van She – Jamaica

Further down, Ane Brun and Vince Clarke steadily hop upwards with their lovely new version of Fly on the Windscreen.

Meanwhile, on the albums, here’s our newly re-reshuffled top five:

  1. Various Artists – Electrospective
  2. Delerium – Music Box Opera
  3. I Monster – Rare
  4. I Monster – Remixed
  5. The All Seeing I – Pickled Eggs & Sherbet

That’s a lot of I Monster. Further down, we’re seeing a bit of an invasion by LCD Soundsystem and Heaven 17 for reasons which are unlikely to become clear any time soon.