Are you unsigned?

Well, are you?

I’m on the lookout for a small number of unsigned musicians to feature on this here blog. Please start by browsing through my previous posts first and you’ll quickly get an idea of the sort of thing I’m prepared to write about.

These are the rules of Unsigned Club (no, that isn’t really what it’s called):

  1. You must submit your own music
  2. It should be good, and generally vaguely electronic, pop, or at the very least interesting and unusual (X Factor applicants need not apply)
  3. It should fit the general style and ethos of this blog
  4. Anything Gangnam Style may slip through the net. Gangnam Style.
  5. I will ignore any emails written in txt msg lnguge or where I find the manner rude, pushy, or annoying. Anyone contacting me more than once, or adding me to their band’s mailing list will be subjected to severe punishments. Remember, I’m doing you a favour here!
  6. Sie dürfen mir auf Deutsch schreiben, wenn Sie wollen. Vous pouvais me contacter en français si vous voulez. Puede escribir en español si quiere. Latine scribere temptes, sed satis est probabilis, non intelligetis.
  7. Pick three (no more, no less) different tracks, and tell me where to find them. If you’re lucky then these will appear on the blog, so make sure they’re links that I’ll be able to share somehow. Soundcloud, YouTube, whatever. Try to pick a good variety of different types of song, and remember the magic number!
  8. Be ready to answer a whole slew of obscure and intimate questions which I’ll think up when I get in contact with you
  9. Be patient. I’m a fairly busy bee and can only work on this blog when I have time!
  10. Spread the word, and follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Tumblr (no, I don’t know what that is either) and anywhere else you can find me. If I think you like me, you’ll get a much better response!

Here are the artists who have featured so far.

This feature is coming back very soon, so please get in touch now to avoid (or ensure) disappointment. Please continue to make your submissions but note that my normally slow responses will be pretty much non-existent in the immediate future!

If you feel you fulfil all the above requirements, then and only then should you contact me using the form below, which should send me an email notification. If you tweet or message me elsewhere, there’s a good chance that I won’t notice, so please use this form.

3 thoughts on “Are you unsigned?

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