Stowaway World Cup – Quarter Final 3

So we commence the third quarter final, with Pet Shop Boys versus Air. The former team has had a fairly clear path to this stage, blitzing the group stages and then flying through the group of 16 with relative ease. The latter team were the surprise winner of their group, knocking out 80s and 90s stalwarts alike, and have got to this stage fairly easily as well. This might be a surprising statement, but it really could go either way. First half, then.

  1. 1+6. No goal.
  2. 2+6. Goal for percentage of members who have remained. No goal.
  3. 1+6. No goal.
  4. 2+4. Goal for quality of last album. Easy goal for PSB. 1-0.
  5. 2+2. No goal.

So, at the halfway point in the game, Pet Shop Boys are just 1-0 up, so this could still be anybody’s game. Where will the second half take us?

  1. 3+2. No goal.
  2. 1+3. No goal.
  3. 5+2. No goal.
  4. 4+5. Goal for most hits on UK album chart. 2-0.
  5. 1+3. No goal.

So that’s it! The whistle blows, and Pet Shop Boys advance to the semi-finals, after a 2-0 win.


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