Stowaway World Cup – Quarter Final 1

So, here we already are, at the first quarter final, an exciting pairing of Depeche Mode versus the odd couple of Madonna and Yazoo. Both teams were runners-up in the group stages after two wins and a loss each, but then beat their opponents to sneak through to the quarter finals. Let’s see how the first half plays out!

  1. 3+5. No goal. A quiet start from these two great teams.
  2. 4+2. Goal for most single releases. Depeche Mode have 55, whereas Madonna takes a clear lead with 88. 0-1.
  3. 4+4. No goal.
  4. 5+4. No goal.
  5. 2+6. Goal for percentage of members who have remained. Depeche Mode has hung onto three of its original four. Technically Madonna has retained 100% of her line-up (herself), but for this category we have to include Yazoo as well, neither of whom are currently in the band. The rules are every bit as stupid as this whole competition, I’m afraid, but this is an equaliser for Depeche Mode. 1-1.

So, a 1-1 draw at the half way mark. Let’s see how things develop in the second half!

  1. 2+2. No goal.
  2. 1+2. No goal.
  3. 5+2. No goal.
  4. 1+5. No goal.
  5. 2+6. That’s a repeated throw, so a foul. 4+2. Depeche Mode are awarded a late penalty, and score, winning the match 2-1.

After all that, to decide the match on a penalty seems a little unfair on Madonna and Yazoo, but if you play dirty, you get what you deserve. The odd pairing had worked in their favour in earlier games, but comes back to bite them now. So our first semi-finalists are Depeche Mode, going through to the final four.


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