Stowaway World Cup – Group Stages – Games 13-16

Game 13: The Beloved versus I Monster

  1. 1+4. No goal.
  2. 1+2. No goal.
  3. 3+3. No goal.
  4. 2+2. Goal for number of studio albums to date. Neither has many, but I Monster clinch it. 0-1.
  5. 5+1. No goal.
  6. 2+6. Goal for number of permanent members. Another goal for I Monster, who have held on to both of their members. 0-2.
  7. 6+6. Foul. 5+1. The higher number on the left means that one of The Beloved gets sent off, and since they only officially have Jon Marsh at the moment, that means the game is over. 0-2.

Game 14: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark versus Air

  1. 5+6. No goal.
  2. 3+5. No goal.
  3. 2+3. Goal for quality of first album. OK, that’s OMD‘s flawed but lovely eponymous album, or Moon Safari. Both great candidates, but I think that’s Air edging ahead. 0-1.
  4. 1+6. No goal.
  5. 3+4. No goal.
  6. 1+4. No goal.
  7. 4+3. Goal for highest number of remixes of another artist. Clear win for Air. 0-2.
  8. 5+2. No goal.
  9. 5+3. No goal.
  10. 3+5. No goal. Surprise win for Air there – 0-2.

Game 15: The Human League versus Leftfield

  1. 5+3. No goal.
  2. 2+4. Goal for quality of last album. Well, The Human League‘s Credo wasn’t great, while Leftfield‘s last release was. 0-1.
  3. 1+4. No goal.
  4. 1+1. No goal.
  5. 4+6. Goal for total weeks on UK album chart. Closer than I’d have thought, but that sees The Human League equalise. 1-1.
  6. 4+6 again, so let’s re-roll (the rules aren’t entirely clear about this, but referee’s decision is final). 2+5. Goal for best artwork. Both have had some great moments, but Dare is the most iconic. 2-1.
  7. 6+2. Goal for highest estimated total sales. Hard to be certain, but it seems likely The Human League. 3-1.
  8. 4+4. Goal for number of UK top ten hits. Easy win for The Human League. 4-1.
  9. 5+2. No goal.
  10. 2+5. Let’s give Leftfield a go, since Leftism is great too. 4-2.

Game 16: The Future Sound of London versus The Radiophonic Workshop

  1. 4+3. Goal for highest number of remixes of another artist. Easy goal for FSOL. 1-0.
  2. 3+5. No goal.
  3. 5+2. No goal.
  4. 3+1. No goal.
  5. 5+1. No goal.
  6. 3+2. No goal.
  7. 5+3. No goal.
  8. 4+2. Goal for most years between first and last hit. Tricky. FSOL have a range of 1992-2001. The Radiophonic Workshop have probably had hits – I just couldn’t find any. We’ll call it no goal.
  9. 3+3. No goal.
  10. 5+2. No goal. So a low scoring game, but FSOL win 1-0.

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