Stowaway World Cup – Start of Play

So, as of yesterday’s post, we know how the groups are looking. The upcoming week will see four games per day, so in a week’s time we should be starting to have a feel for how the results are starting to shape up.

As a reminder, we’re about to start the group stages, with eight groups:

  • Group A, with Jean-Michel Jarre as favourite, but any of the other three could qualify
  • Group B, a competitive group containing Depeche Mode, Sparks, and Kylie Minogue
  • Group C, another competitive group with Erasure, Saint Etienne, and Massive Attack
  • Group D, with Goldfrapp, Kraftwerk, and Hot Chip
  • Group E, with Pet Shop Boys and three other strong contenders
  • Group F, with Röyksopp, OMD, Air, and Enigma
  • Group G, with David Bowie and The Human League
  • Group H, with New Order and three other strong teams

The excitement begins (and potentially also ends) tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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