Revisiting The British Rock & Pop Awards

I had never heard of The British Rock & Pop Awards until about 2014, when I was researching my complete history of the BRIT Awards. I kept finding references online to how they had previously been known as The British Rock & Pop Awards, and while it quickly became apparent that this was not true, I think I can now see why that was such a popular opinion.

Both awards series seem to have started in early 1977, but the British Record Industry Awards, which was the one that actually evolved into the BRIT Awards, was held once in 1977 and then not again until 1982, and apart from the initial ceremony, it wasn’t televised until 1985. The British Rock & Pop Awards, meanwhile, were held annually from 1977 to 1984, and were televised every year, so inevitably they captured the popular opinion rather more during that time.

I first explored the British Rock & Pop Awards back in 2014, over a series of three posts (1976-1978, 1979-1981, and 1982-1984), but in retrospect those posts are a bit of a mess, plus readers Gary Jordan and Henrique Reikdal were kind enough to unearth some new (to me) information, which in turn led me to new information which either wasn’t available online or managed to escape my attention when I researched the awards series previously.

So this time I’ve gone back to my original research and cross-checked everything meticulously, and will put up a new post with the results of my work every week for the next few weeks. Sorry for the suspense, and sorry if you find that a bit slow, but I hope you find them interesting!


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