Record Companies – The Tapeworm

For me, there are few record companies more intriguing than The Tapeworm. Established in June 2009, this brilliantly named cassette-only label has spent the last decade releasing small-batch avant garde cassettes by musicians and artists, some better known than others.

Most releases are limited to 100-300 copies, and some of the better-known artists to have unleashed their work through The Tapeworm include Fennesz, Simon Scott, Cristian Vogel, and Simon Fisher Turner. The latter released 250 copies of De Dentro Hacia Afuera in 2009, featuring a recording of the 2002 procession of the Virgen del Carmen, recorded at Carboneras in Almería, Spain. You can certainly find things that are more artsy than that elsewhere, but this is a pretty fine example.

To my shame, I’ve never got around to purchasing anything from The Tapeworm, but I regularly visit to browse the oddities that they have in stock, and if nothing else, I’m very glad that they exist. If you’re interested, you can visit The Tapeworm at

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