Five years of stowaways – Part 4

As you might have gathered over the course of this week, we’re right in the middle of celebrating this blog’s fifth birthday. No, frankly, I had no idea it would come this far. We’ve clocked up just a touch over 32,000 page views, and astonishingly the number of views per month, after a fairly sedentary first couple of years, keeps going up and up.

I’ve always felt that stars who stand up on stage and say daft things like “I’d like to thank the fans,” and “We wouldn’t be here without you,” are probably lying, but it’s certainly fair to say that while I might have started writing this blog purely for my own benefit, that hasn’t been true for a long time. Five years on, you’re as much to blame as I am.

While you deal with that bombshell, here are Kraftwerk, performing the wonderful Radioactivity:


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