Five years of stowaways – Part 3

Well, this might be the blogging equivalent of eating an entire chocolate cake, but it is our fifth birthday this week, and a bit of gluttony now and then is no bad thing.

When I was a teenager, tuning into the charts every Sunday on BBC Radio 1 (or “1FM”, as it was known in those days) was one of the most exciting parts of the week. I would memorise and write down the charts, and get excited about what was number one, and what the highest climber was.

So it should come as no surprise that when this blog started, the Charts for stowaways quickly became one of the key features. It’s really just a personal chart merged with the real charts, to let you into a bit of a secret – it’s a combination of my own listens and a bit of input from the official UK charts. Which still exist, by the way. Just about, anyway…

For now though, here’s a song about how great the charts used to be – from their glorious last album Words and Music by Saint Etienne, here are Saint Etienne with Over the Border:


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