Five years of stowaways – Part 2

Today marks five years since I started this blog, quickly setting something up just before I went away on holiday for a couple of weeks, just to see what would happen. The first post was the announcement of Pet Shop Boys‘ then-new single, Winner.

This is appropriate, because one of the reasons this blog exists in the first place was that I was keen to try and keep in touch with what my favourite artists were doing. It’s so easy these days if you don’t follow the right people in the right app to completely miss the new single from someone you love, and hence the Preview section, now running weekly on Mondays – it forces me to go out and find what’s coming up, and listen to whether it’s any good or not.

So Pet Shop Boys kicked this blog off, and it’s only fair that they get the slot on its birthday too. Here’s the current single Undertow, in its original form:

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