The playlists for stowaways

On Music for stowaways, I’ve always tried to be flexible: some features don’t really work out, and get killed off; others die a natural death after a while; and of course, plenty more get flogged like dead horses. The playlists aren’t an example of any of these though – I simply didn’t have time to do any more. Which is a great shame, as I really enjoyed doing them. Hopefully one day, I’ll find the time to run off some more, but in the meantime, here’s a compendium of all of them to date.

MFS001 – Pilot (13 March 2013)

A half-hour sample of some of the delights that would turn up on the Playlists for stowaways.

MFS002 – Norge (10 April 2013)

An hour-long exploration of the musical delights of Norway.

MFS003 – Comme Mode (12 June 2013)

An hour-long journey through the large roster of artists who sound like – but aren’t quite – Depeche Mode.

MFS004 – Flight Risk (21 August 2013)

An hour-long collection of tracks that should sound pretty good on a flight (better than this one, anyway).

MFS005 – Soundscapes (25 September 2013)

An hour-long tribute to the BBC Radio Derby show Soundscapes.


MFS006 – Who? (20 November 2013)

An hour-long music and sound effects adventure from the worlds of Doctor Who.

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