Top tracks of 2016 – Jean-Michel Jarre

We can now count down the entirety of this blog’s top ten tracks of the year:

  • 10. Yello – Cold Flame
  • 9. I Monster – The Bradley Brothers realise the transmutation of the Chamberlin to the MELLOTRON
  • 8. C Duncan – Wanted to Want It Too
  • 7. Royksopp feat. Susanne Sundfør – Never Ever
  • 6. Delerium feat. Phildel – Ritual
  • 5. Clarke Hartnoll – Better Have a Drink to Think
  • 4. Shit Robot – End of the Trail
  • 3. Massive Attack feat. Hope Sandoval – The Spoils
  • 2. Pet Shop Boys – The Pop Kids

At number one, breaking a primary rule of this blog’s countdown (only one entry per artist allowed), it’s another track from Pet Shop Boys, this time collaborating with Jean-Michel Jarre, who this year released two more albums, meaning he has now put out three in just over a year. Which is impressive, to say the least – and the best of the bunch is this, Brick England.


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