Peel Sessions – Ladytron, 5 December 2001

I have to say, I love the fact that Ladytron recorded a John Peel session – but then, if you were around in 2001 and didn’t there was probably something wrong with you.

This was the era of their naïve but lovely debut album 604, and most of the tracks appear there. Opening the set is the noisy, and frankly not that great, Zmeyka. On the album it’s just a bit too experimental to be beautiful, but in its Peel Session form, frankly it’s just noise.

Next comes Holiday 601, later commercially released on the second album Light and Magic as NuHorizons. Since they already had an album full of great electronic music to draw from, you do have to wonder slightly why they were messing around making daft noises with pieces like this, but that’s obviously their prerogative – getting studio time to record some experimental pieces and getting them on the radio is no mean feat.

Another Breakfast with You is the full vocal piece that we had all been waiting for, and honestly it’s rather good. As always, it’s a lot more raw and unpolished than the album version, but it sounds great, particularly with its new ending. More please.

They oblige with the last track, the brilliant Discotraxx, complete with a healthy helping of portamento, and sounding truly fantastic. If Zmeyka made you question yourself somewhat, this is the reminder that Ladytron really are fantastic. Mira Aroyo‘s (I’m guessing) Bulgarian vocals come across particularly well here too.

This session is not commercially available.


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