Coming up in 2016

As now seems to be traditional, let’s start the new year by looking ahead at some of the highlights of the year to come!


The year always starts with a bit of looking both backwards and forwards, and this year we’ll include the charts of the year and gradually enter awards season.


Awards Week is now a traditional fixture of late February, as we cross-examine the BRITs, the Grammys, and our very own Stowaway Awards.


We’re hoping March will see the long-awaited return of the Vinyl Moments series!


The Orb‘s Adventures Beyond the Ultraland will be a quarter of a century old, and if we miss that date, we’ll officially be annoyed.


There are some fun anniversaries due from Depeche Mode and Hot Chip which need to be celebrated in May.


June 2016 will see the twentieth anniversary of Robert Miles‘s Dreamland, which might well be cause for a party. Or a review, at least.


July sees this blog celebrating its birthday, and this year we’ll be four! Time to start school or something.


In August, it will be fifteen years since both The Human League‘s Secrets and New Order‘s Get Ready hit the charts!


School starts for the blog, since it will probably get the summer off before it has to invest in crayons…


Sorry, September was particularly tenuous, wasn’t it? October isn’t great either.


2016 will see several huge anniversaries for Pet Shop Boys, as both Please and Disco hit their thirtieth year (the latter in November), Bilingual reaches its twentieth, and even Fundamental hits its tenth! This must be celebrated.


Assuming this blog makes it through another year, we’ll obviously have to do another pair of posts like yesterday’s and today’s, looking back at 2016 and ahead to 2017!

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