Beginner’s guide to Death in Vegas

It’s difficult to define Death in Vegas. With their dark experimental psychedelic rock sound, you could pigeonhole them as something stuck in the 1970s, but then the electronic side turns up and offers something entirely different.

Key moments

The collaborations with enormous rock stars – Iggy Pop on Aisha, and Liam Gallagher from Oasis on Scorpio Rising.

Where to start

You could jump straight into the studio albums, but if you want to be a little cautious initially, Milk It is a great “best of” compilation including highlights from 1997-2002 and some selected remixes.

What to buy

Their true masterpiece is The Contino Sessions (1999). Follow that with the more commercial Scorpio Rising (2002) and then the later Satan’s Circus (2004).

Don’t bother with

The more recent Trans-Love Energies (2011), for the time being. Wait until you’ve got to know them a bit better first. Also, most of the singles aren’t really worth bothering with.

Hidden treasure

There are some great pieces hidden away on the debut album Dead Elvis (1997), and the limited edition live album that comes with Satan’s Circus is worth hearing too.

For stowaways

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