Beginner’s guide to 1 Giant Leap

Initially an intriguing side-project to travel the world, recording the music from each location, and merging it all together into a strange mixture of different genres, Jamie Catto‘s 1 Giant Leap project has produced two truly fascinating albums.

Key moments

You may well remember the collaboration with Robbie Williams and Maxi Jazz, My Culture, or the follow-up Braided Hair.

Where to start

Start with the eponymous debut (2002) – in particular, The Way You Dream with Michael Stipe is an essential listen.

What to buy

That just leaves the second album What About Me? (2009), which is a little harder to get hold of. Copies are available on import. You could try the DVDs too, if you’re really feeling like something different.

Don’t bother with

The singles – they don’t add anything particular that you don’t have already.

Hidden treasure

All the treasure is on the two albums – they’re all you need.

For stowaways

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