Beginner’s guide to Honeyroot

For a couple of years, from 2005 to 2008, it looked as though Honeyroot might be one of the most interesting electronic acts around. But Glenn Gregory, who made up half of the duo, had better things to do, as Heaven 17‘s career was suddenly resurrected.

Key moments

Probably the minor melancholic hit they achieved with their cover version of Love Will Tear Us Apart, before they went back to doing whatever else it was they did…

Where to start

Kick off with the second album The Sun Will Come (2007) – every track is fantastic.

What to buy

That leaves you with just one album, the 2005 debut Sound Echo Location. You could follow that with EP1, which offers a couple of extra remixes.

Don’t bother with

The mashup We Don’t Need This Fascist State of Mind, which is both intriguing and misguided.

Hidden treasure

The one-off single It’s All Good (2008), presumably from the never-to-appear third album, which offers a brilliant uptempo variation on their sound.

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