Beginner’s guide to Client

Female electronic duo Client seemed to appear from nowhere back in 2002, and despite never really achieving an awful lot of commercial success, they managed to achieve a significant underground following for a while.

Key moments

From humble beginnings in the electronic underworld, they briefly made it relatively big with their second album City before disappearing into obscurity everywhere except Germany. You might remember Radio or In it for the Money.

Where to start

Probably start between one of the first two albums Client or City. If you’re feeling adventurous, go with Client, but City is the more accessible of the two.

What to buy

Get Client if you didn’t already (otherwise go for City), and then grab Heartland – the first half is great even if it falls apart a bit towards the end. Finally, see if you can track down one of the remix albums Going Down and Metropolis – both include some great moments.

Don’t bother with

Live at Club Koko, which is let down by dreadful sound quality and an extremely objectionable MC. Fourth album Command is largely bland, and I can’t comment on the current album Authority as I haven’t braved it myself yet.

Hidden treasure

Marsheaux‘s wonderful reworking of It’s Not Over, tucked away on the German CD single or the otherwise forgettable Electronically Yours compilation. In the Back of Your Car and the live cover of White Wedding on the back of the Pornography singles are both excellent.

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