Beginner’s guide to Andy Pickford

For a couple of decades, the largely unknown electronic musician Andy Pickford has been intermittently creating great music. While his fame has never quite reached the heights it deserves, he does have an excellent back catalogue to explore.

Key moments

His early tribute to Blade Runner, Replicant (1993), or the follow-up Terraformer (1994).

Where to start

Start with the brilliant Terraformer, which really shows him at his best. This is an electronic album which is every bit as good as anything on the charts – in particular Mesmereyes and Djangotron are exceptional.

What to buy

Next, go with Nemesis (1998), which is probably his most fully formed album, and then his most recent, Lughnasad (2002). Finally, roll back to the lovely Maelstrom (1995). For the most part, I’d get the new remastered versions directly from his website – they sound a lot better and the money goes straight to him. On the other hand, a couple of them have altered track listings and the artwork has gone a bit more psychedelic, but it’s up to you…

Don’t bother with

Much from his collaboration with Paul Nagle, variously sold as S.T.D.M. and Binar. The many albums do include good material, but they generally lack the charm that makes Pickford‘s solo work so special.

Hidden treasure

Zweifarbig Bomber (Part One), from the debut album Replicant, is exceptionally good, and Dreifarbig Bomberfrom Symbiont is great too.

For stowaways

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