Eurovision Song Contest 2015

Stand well back and make yourself comfortable! Here are the results of the European jury for 2015. After two very exciting semi-finals, which weeded out some of the dross (but suspiciously also allowed rather a lot to slip through), last Saturday saw the 2015 final, live from Vienna.

This year’s contest appears to have been somewhat pedestrian, apart from the exciting inclusion of Australia, who thanks to the time difference got to see the contest first thing on Sunday morning, but ended up taking part with extreme panache, gathering 12 points from their unexpected friends in Germany and Austra, and ending up in a very respectable fifth place.

In return, the Aussie vote sent 12 points to Sweden, 10 to Russia, 8 to Italy, and the rest to Latvia, Belgium, Serbia, Norway, Estonia, Israel, and Georgia. Yes, having clearly fundamentally misunderstood the basic principle of bloc voting, they gave no points to their language-mates in the UK (Ireland and Malta both dropped out in the second semi-final).

The UK performed predictably badly, receiving a point from each of Finland and Ireland, and three from San Marino, putting them way down at 24th place out of 27. Performing even worse, however, were France (4 points), Austria (null points) and Germany (also null points). In fact, of the “Big 5” countries who automatically qualify by giving extra money to the organisers (UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy) only Italy performed well, ending up in third place. And you have to feel a little bit sorry for incumbents Austria, for ending up with a big fat zero this time around.

Other near-winners came from Belgium, in fourth place, and Russia in second, but with a lead of over sixty points, Sweden were the decisive winners. Måns Zelmerlöw may have an unpronounceable name, but Heroes clearly grabbed the audience’s imagination, and so next year’s contest will be returning to Scandinavia after only one year away.

For more coverage, head to the official Eurovision website, where you can enjoy highlights, or you could just do what I’ll be doing and sit quietly until next year!

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