Beginner’s guide to Conjure One

As a Delerium spin-off, it might be tempting to assume Conjure One wouldn’t have too much to offer, but over his three albums he has plenty to offer.

Key moments

The fantastic early singles Sleep, Tears from the Moon, and Centre of the Sun.

Where to start

Start with the debut, 2003’s Conjure One, and see if you can get the double CD version, as the remixes are great.

What to buy

Second and third albums Extraordinary Way and Exilarch are rather more patchy than the first, but are worth hearing. The download version of Exilarch includes the bonus track Demon Inside, which is one of the better songs on there. Whatever is coming next, including recent single Under the Gun, seems promising.

Don’t bother with

Most of the singles, particularly the later ones unless you can handle large quantities of pointless remixes.

Hidden treasure

We’ve covered Demon Inside already, and the Ian van Dahl remix of Sleep is on the bonus disc of the first album, and is quite exceptional. Pete Lorimer‘s remix of Centre of the Sun is only to be found on the single, and is definitely worth tracking down.

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