Beginner’s guide to Oi Va Voi

If you haven’t heard of Oi Va Voi before, you’ve got something rather exciting to look forward to. Nothing really conjures up Balkan or south-eastern Europe like this group, and if you need a soundtrack to a journey through the old world, this would be a great one to carry with you.

Key moments

Their one hit, 2007’s Yuri, and despite having also launched KT Tunstall‘s career and being enormous in Turkey, you might well not know them for a huge amount else unfortunately.

Where to start

Start with the eponymous Oi Va Voi (2007), as it includes their one and only hit single and a fair cross-section of the other kind of thing they’re capable of.

What to buy

If you need an order for the other two albums, go with 2009’s fantastic Travelling the Face of the Globe next, and finally grab Laughter Through Tears (2003).

Don’t bother with

Nothing really – there aren’t a whole lot of singles to choose from, and the early EP Digital Folklore doesn’t offer a lot that’s unique.

Hidden treasure

The one-off acoustic track Strangers, from 2013, if you can find it anywhere, is well worth a listen.

For stowaways


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