Beginner’s guide to Olive

In 1997, the three-piece jumped straight to the top of the charts with the fantastic You’re Not Alone. In 2000, Madonna decided she rather liked them and signed them to her record label, despite the fact that by this time they were just a two-piece. Finally, the one-piece Ruth-Ann Boyle released her solo album in 2007. But for a little while, Olive were one of the finest acts of the 1990s.

Key moments

Getting to number 1 with You’re Not Alone, and sneaking onto the charts with follow-up singles Miracle and Outlaw, and having minor US success with the only single from the second album, their cover of I’m Not in Love.

Where to start

There are just two albums to pick from, and it would be tempting to suggest starting with the other one, but it’s Extra Virgin (1996) that includes all the hits you’re looking for. Try to find the later Extra Virgin+, as the additional remixes are rather good.

What to buy

Follow it up with the follow-up, 2000’s beautiful Trickle, before tracking down singer Ruth Ann‘s solo Enigma-produced album What About Us (2007) to hear her voice at its best. You could track down the singles for You’re Not Alone and Miracle if you fancy them, but make sure you get the third release of each.

Don’t bother with

Most of the early singles, or I’m Not in Love – some of the remixes are interesting, but they’re largely uninteresting.

Hidden treasure

The single version of Miracle, which is considerably better than the original, and some massive names turn up among the remixes of Outlaw.

For stowaways

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