Essential Albums – Olive

Long before this blog ever existed, some time around late 2000 or early 2001, I started compiling a list of essential albums. There were just six entries, and this was the last.

Olive – Trickle (2000)

  • Chart Position: none
  • Hits: none
  • Highlights: TrickleLibertyPushBeyond the Fray

The second album from the Sheffield group, the follow-up to 1996’s Extra Virgin. Despite I’m Not in Love, their cover version of the 10cc track, having been successful in America, and having featured in the film The Next Best ThingTrickle has still not surfaced in the UK. The album consists of beautiful lush melody after beautiful lush melody, and yet British interest has remained minimal.

Sadly it was never released in the UK, which is a shame, because it’s considerably better than their already great debut album. Long forgotten, but strongly recommended by this blog.

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