Essential Albums – Moby

Long before this blog ever existed, some time around late 2000 or early 2001, I started compiling a list of essential albums. There were just six entries, and this was the fifth.

Moby – Play (1999)

  • Chart Position: 1
  • Hits: Honey (33), Run On (33), Bodyrock (38), Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (16), Natural Blues (11), Porcelain (4), Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? / Honey feat. Kelis (17)
  • Highlights: PorcelainSouth Side, Run OnInside

Truly an epic album in every sense of the word. For his sixth studio album, Moby elected to base his tracks on folk and Christian songs from the first half of the twentieth century. Although it took a while to catch  on, this formula became so successful that every track from the album has since been used either in films or advertising, and even tracks from Play: The B-Sides (a limited UK release which reached number 24 in October 2000) have been extensively publicised. A total of seven singles were released in the UK (and a further 2 were released in other countries), and altogether there are no less than 12 different videos for tracks from the album.

Interestingly Play is often overlooked now for the work of genius that it is. The sound may have become a bit of a formula for Moby which took a while to shake off, but it was great for a while. The Beginner’s guide to Moby is here, and a more recent review is here.


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