The Friday Chart?

Well… it was with some surprise that I read this news a couple of days ago. Apparently the BBC Radio 1 Official Chart Show, which for decades has been announcing the official top 40 singles on Sunday afternoons, is being relegated to Friday afternoons from July, where it’s going to be tucked away as part of another show and an hour shorter.

The excuse reason, apparently, is that new releases are now shifting to Fridays worldwide, rather than the current Mondays (in the UK). It’s difficult to judge exactly how that’s relevant, but it is tempting to see it as a similar sidelining to the one that killed Top of the Pops a decade or so ago.

Of course, there is a logic to the move – the chart is going to be published on Fridays, and nobody would tune in to a show two days later – but there’s no logic to hiding the chart away in the middle of a drivetime show. If it’s got to be on Fridays, it should have pride of place at the top of the schedule! Or, at the very least, Top of the Pops should be brought back, but we all know that.

The BBC News piece linked above mentions, in passing, that the chart has been announced on Sunday afternoons since 1987. But after 28 years, it’s time to go apparently. No word yet on what will be replacing it…

Also reported by Digital Spy and NME.

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