Music for the Masses 14 – 22 March 2000

By March 2000, Bay Radio had existed as an actual thing for about a year, and it was going from strength to strength. They still hadn’t quite found the strength to get rid of me yet, but the shows were pretty good all round.


Show 14: Wed 22 Mar 2000, from 10.55am-1.00pm

Tracks taken from the playlist (Total 13 tracks). A indicates A-list (7 tracks); B indicates B-list (3 tracks) and C indicates C-list (2 tracks). S indicates the Single of the Week. R indicates tracks taken from my own collection (Total 5 tracks). L indicates the ones from the “library” (Total 7 tracks). X indicates tracks from ents’ record collection (Total 2 tracks).

  • 1. Ouch “Seen the Light” A
  • [IRN 11.00 News]
  • 2. Chicane “Don’t Give Up” A
  • 3. Beloved “Ease the Pressure” R
  • 4. Andreas Johnson “Glorious” L
  • 5. Merz “Lotus” B
  • 6. Supergrass “Alright” L
  • 7. Rage Against the Machine “Sleep Now in the Fire” A
  • 8. Madonna “American Pie” (Richard “Humpty” Vission Radio Mix) L
  • [Coming Events Feature]
  • 9. Planet Perfecto “Bullet in the Gun” L
  • 10. Fragma “Toca’s Miracle” B
  • 11. U2 “The Ground Beneath Her Feet” A
  • [Advert Break]
  • 12. Big Yoga Muffin “Is that How You?” C
  • 13. Beck “Mixed Bizness” A
  • 14. Grid “Rollercoaster” (Album Version) R
  • [IRN 12.00 News]
  • 15. Space Brothers “Legacy (Show Me Love)” L
  • 16. New Order “Blue Monday 88” R
  • 17. Asian Dub Foundation “Real Great Britain” C
  • 18. Jamiroquai “Half the Man” X
  • 19. Richard Ashcroft “Song for the Lovers” L
  • 20. Moby “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?” L
  • 21. David Arnold & Nina Persson “Randall & Hopkirk Theme” S
  • [Chart Feature]
  • 22. Electronic “Disappointed” (Original Mix) R
  • 23. Patti Smith “Glitter in their Eyes” B
  • 24. Clinic “The Return of Evil Bill” A
  • [Advert Break]
  • 25. Progress presents The Boy Wunda “Everybody” L
  • 26. William Orbit “Barber’s Adagio for Strings” L
  • 27. Jean Michel Jarre “Hey Gagarin” R

Producer: None.

Notes: Excuse me while I blow my own trumpet, but what tunes!!! It definitely helps to know what the record library includes beforehand! Ooh, that’s better. Anyway, on the whole not too bad, including the return of ADVERTS!!! Thus I could roll around almost in hysterics while uncharismatic people rattled on about new launderettes opening soon to the tune of “Popcorn”. Never have I been so amused. Anyway… Oh yes, I also rather naughtily made use of ents’ record player to play some of their records on. “Half the Man” isn’t nearly the tune I remember it being. Also I had my first impartial feedback today, which was “You sound a bit like Simon Bates.” I’m still not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing, but so long as I don’t start sounding like Neale James. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, baby…

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