Beginner’s guide to My Robot Friend

You might have come across My Robot Friend by name rather than anything else, but he has at least a couple of album’s worth of excellent material behind him already.

Key moments

Building an entire rhythm section based on the sounds of a table tennis game with The Power of Love, and getting the sound of Pet Shop Boys down to a T with We’re the Pet Shop Boys.

Where to start

Start with the self-released debut Hot Action! (2002) – ideally the 2004 version with bonus tracks. At least half of it will make you laugh, surprise you, or just generally be worth hearing.

What to buy

The most recent album, 2009’s Soft-Core has plenty to say for itself, including a collaboration with Alison Moyet. The 2012 one-off single Goodbye was the best track he’d released for a long time, so hopefully it won’t be the last we hear from him.

Don’t bother with

The 2006 second album Dial 0, which sadly includes very little of note.

Hidden treasure

Having said that, the cover of Blondie‘s Rapture which appears on the second album is definitely worth hearing, so it isn’t entirely without merit.

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