Music for the Masses 13 – 15 March 2000

Very much in the spirit of recycling, Bay Radio playlists used to be printed on the back of scrap paper. So comments like, “Eat chips. Ooh baby,” should come as no surprise.


Show 13: Wed 15 Mar 2000, from 10.55am-1.00pm

Tracks taken from the playlist (Total 13 tracks). A indicates A-list (7 tracks); B indicates B-list (3 tracks) and C indicates C-list (2 tracks). S indicates the Single of the Week. R indicates tracks taken from my own collection (Total 7 tracks). L indicates the ones from the “library” (Total 7 tracks).

  • 1. Bellatrix “The Girl with the Sparkling Eyes” C
  • [IRN 11.00 News]
  • 2. Madonna “American Pie” L
  • 3. Faithless “Salva Mea” R
  • 4. Ooberman “Shorley Wall” S
  • 5. Richard Ashcroft “Song for the Lovers” A
  • 6. Mishka “Give You All the Love” L
  • 7. Travis “Why Does It Always Rain On Me?” L
  • 8. Charlatans “Scorched” B
  • 9. Robert Miles “Children” R
  • [Entertainment Feature]
  • 10. Clinic “The Return of Evil Bill” A
  • 11. Human League “Stay With Me Tonight” R
  • 12. Chicane “Don’t Give Up” A
  • 13. Air “Playground Love” L
  • 14. Sparks “When Do I Get to Sing ‘My Way'” R
  • [IRN 12.00 News]
  • 15. Muse “Sunburn” C
  • 16. Andreas Johnson “Glorious” L
  • 17. David Arnold & Nina Persson “Randall & Hopkirk Theme” A
  • 18. Saint Etienne “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” R
  • 19. Beth Orton “Central Reservation” (The Then Again Mix by Ben Watt & chums) L
  • 20. Coldplay “Shiver” B
  • [Sport Feature]
  • 21. Beck “Mixed Bizness” A
  • 22. Patti Smith “Glitter in their Eyes” B
  • 23. Gene “As Good as It Gets” L
  • 24. Monaco “What Do You Want from Me?” R
  • 25. U2 “The Ground Beneath Her Feet” A
  • 26. Moby “Natural Blues” A
  • 27. Heaven 17 “Being Boiled” (Live) R

Producer: None.

Notes: To be honest, I can’t remember – maybe it was so bad… actually I can remember. There were lighting people there for ages at the start, making lots of noise, hence the lack of talking in the first half hour. The sports feature was appallingly bad (mistakes, mispronunciations… I mean, how many ways of pronouncing Basel are there? Baysel, indeed…) and beyond that I can’t remember a thing, so it must have been quite bad. It was nice to have features for a change though…

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