Beginner’s guide to Marsheaux

The Greek electronic female duo Marsheaux have never really gained the global appreciation they deserve – purveyors of fine pop which is every bit as good as (if not better than) most of the stuff you’ll find on the charts, and yet they don’t have a single hit to their name.

Key moments

Their covers of Popcorn and New Order‘s Regret are both great, but it’s songs like Hanging On and Dream of a Disco which really should have topped the charts.

Where to start

Their most essential album is 2007’s Peeka Boo, which is not only completely 100% brilliant, but also comes with a free bag to put on your head.

What to buy

Next, get the debut, E-bay Queen (2004), and then the most recent Inhale (2013). Finally catch up on some of the more charming oddities with the compilation E-bay Queen is Dead (2012).

Don’t bother with

Unfortunately, 2009’s third album Lumineux Noir. It’s far from bad, but it does seem to suffer from belated second album syndrome.

Hidden treasure

Breakthrough and Radial Emotion are the two best tracks on Lumineux Noir, and the bonus disc of Inhale has some good extras, including the exclusive So Far.

For stowaways

Update: in case it wasn’t clear from the post above, this was written before I found out about their brand spanking new cover of A Broken Frame, which is very good and definitely worth checking out – see preview above!

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