Beginner’s guide to Dirty Vegas

Dirty Vegas briefly mastered an almost unique mix of electronic and rock music, and what’s more, with just three albums in their oeuvre, it won’t take you too long to get the hang of them.

Key moments

Days Go By and Ghosts, mainly, both from 2002’s eponymous debut album.

Where to start

Start with the debut Dirty Vegas for an introduction to how it all began.

What to buy

Hear where things went wrong (both commercially and creatively) with the follow-up One (2004) and then hear them pick up again with their latest release Electric Love (2011). If you can find it, track down the first CD of the Days Go By single for the essential acoustic version, mixed by Steve Osborne, plus bonus b-side 1979.

Don’t bother with

Too many of the other remixes or singles – even the brilliant Ghosts has little to offer.

Hidden treasure

There’s plenty of it, but some of it is extremely well hidden. Apart from the acoustic version of Days Go By mentioned above, the live sessions on the Simple Things single are also well worth hearing, as is 2004 b-side State of Mind. Best of the lot is the 2010 collaboration with EssenVee (formerly Stretch and Vern), Love Me Better.

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