Beginner’s guide to Faithless

If you don’t know who Faithless are, you clearly weren’t around in the 1990s. One of the biggest, and arguably most important dance acts of their era, they also managed to disappear almost without a trace, but in their time they were enormous.

Key moments

You’ll remember InsomniaGod is a DJ, and We Come 1 as a bare minimum, and maybe also Salva MeaTarantulaMass Destruction, and who knows what else?

Where to start

The 2005 singles collection Forever Faithless is incomplete and long out of date, but remains their only compilation worth considering. Skip it, and dive straight into their best album, 2001’s Outrospective instead.

What to buy

The debut Reverence (1995) and follow-up Sunday 8pm (1998) are both essential – try to get the double CD versions if you can track them down, as you’ll get loads of extra remixes and stuff, and in some cases they’re actually better than the originals. For your next release, you could go with either To All New Arrivals (2006) or The Dance (2010), both of which are strong – maybe go with the latter.

Don’t bother with

No Roots (2004), which is sadly largely forgettable.

Hidden treasure

The brilliant Dusted remix of Evergreen on Outrospective‘s bonus disc Reperspective, and the surprisingly good dance mixes of Don’t Leave from the single (1996).

For stowaways

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