Beginner’s guide to Electronic

One of the most interesting – and best named – supergroups, as New Order‘s Bernard Sumner and The Smiths‘ Johnny Marr teamed up variously with Pet Shop Boys, Karl Bartos and others to create some truly brilliant electronic music.

Key moments

Get the MessageGetting Away with It, and Disappointed are the three that most people will remember, but there are a lot of other special moments hidden away.

Where to start

Buying a “best of” from an act who have only released may seem like an odd step, but Get the Message (2006) actually makes a pretty good collection – plus it includes Disappointed, which doesn’t appear on any of the studio albums, and a couple of the better b-sides.

What to buy

Start with the brilliant debut Electronic (1991) – get the 2013 reissue with the bonus disc, if you can, as it contains instrumental highlights of the rest of their career. Then move on in chronological order to Raise the Pressure (1997).

Don’t bother with

Sadly, the third album Twisted Tenderness lacks the charm, inventiveness, and even the songwriting of its predecessors. Anything that’s worth hearing on here is on either Get the Message or the bonus disc of Electronic.

Hidden treasure

Many of the b-sides are surprisingly good, notably Free Will and Imitation of Life, and there are some particularly good remixes hidden away on the singles too.

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