Music for the Masses 8 – 9 February 2000

Way back in the distant past, I used to do a student radio show for Bay Radio in Aberystwyth called Music for the Masses. Show 8 would have sounded a little bit like this…


Tracks played on the eighth show, Wed 9 Feb 2000, from 11am-1pm

Tracks taken from the playlist (Total 12 tracks). A indicates A-list (6 tracks); B indicates B-list (3 tracks) and C indicates C-list (2 tracks). S indicates the Single of the Week. R indicates tracks taken from my own collection (Total 12 tracks). L is the ones out of the drawer (Total 5 tracks).

  • 1. Kelis “Caught Out There” A
  • 2. Lighthouse Family “Raincloud” L
  • 3. Saint Etienne “Pale Movie” R
  • 4. Ten Benson “Robot Tourist” C
  • 5. Enigma “Gravity of Love” R
  • 6. Jay-Z “Anything” A
  • 7. Bellatrix “The Girl with the Sparkling Eyes” B
  • 8. Depeche Mode “Home” R
  • 9. Super Furry Animals “Do or Die” C
  • 10. Death in Vegas “Aisha” A
  • 11. New Order “True Faith 94” R
  • 12. Gorky’s Zygotic Mynki “Poodle Rockin'” S
  • 13. Everything But the Girl “Temperamental” R
  • 14. Space Brothers “Shine 2000” L
  • 15. Grid “Texas Cowboys” R
  • 16. Azzido da Bass “Dooms Night” B
  • 17. Kraftwerk “Expo 2000” (Kling Klang Mix 2002) R
  • 18. Pet Shop Boys “Closer to Heaven” R
  • [Rag Week Advert]
  • 19. Wannadies “Yeah” A
  • 20. Robert Miles “One & One” R
  • 21. Tamperer feat. Maya “Hammer to the Heart” L
  • 22. Raissa “How Long Do I Get” A
  • 23. Jean Michel Jarre “Je Me Souviens” R
  • 24. Deep Forest “Savana Dance” (Savana Sans Voix Mix) R
  • 25. Oasis “Go Let it Out” A
  • 26. Sgt. Rock “Yeah Word Party” B
  • 27. Olive “I Don’t Think So” R
  • 28. Basement Jaxx “Rendez-Vu” R
  • 29. William Orbit “Barber’s Adagio for Strings” L

Producer: None.

Notes: The second in the “me against the world” week, which was probably less good than its predecessor, completely uneventful, and once again I decided the Rag Week jingle was rubbish. Oh yeah, and while I had far too many tracks the previous day, for this show I had far too few. You never can be too careful…

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