Bizarre search engine terms – 2015 edition

I was rather hoping the BRIT Awards nominations might have turned up by now, but it’s a no show, so I’ve shifted this one up the ladder a little. Traditionally, early in the New Year, we like to take a little time out to celebrate some of the odder paths which have brought people to this blog. Here’s this year’s selection…

“the booker prize of the music industry”

Is what the Mercury Prize once wanted to be. There’s more about that prize here.

alicia keys music herny smack

Since Henry Smack doesn’t seem to be a person, it’s difficult to know what this search was trying to find. I’m glad I’m not Google.

i monster presents people soup zippyshare

I probably shouldn’t, but every time I see something like this I get annoyed. It would be bad enough even if not, but I Monster‘s I Monster Presents People Soup project was self-released by the band – it’s not as though there’s a record company sticking its oar in. Your money goes directly to the artist. All of it.

If you want I Monster Presents People Soup, go and buy it from Bandcamp. It only costs a fiver.

“saint etienne” & “just friends”

There’s a version of Saint Etienne‘s Just Friends, from More Words and Music by Saint Etiennehere. It’s quite good.

disney’s greatest hits volume 2 music google

I’ve no idea how that brought you to this blog, but this is definitely not a good place to find out about Disney’s Greatest Hits.

nominations for brit awake for best british group in 1988

Presumably autocorrect is at play here, and you’re looking for the BPI (later BRIT) Award nominations for Best British Group in 1988. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, try here.

bittersweet symphony video mpeople

It’s an intriguing idea, but I suspect M People never performed Bittersweet Symphony.

“her big gloves”

Try here instead.

“sperm of worms into”

This might be one of the oddest queries I’ve ever seen. I wonder what you were looking for!

how to get rid of the autotune effect but leave it on

That doesn’t even make sense.

Please see more search engine terms here: 2014 edition / 2013 edition.

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