Coming up in 2015

Well, how could 2015 possibly top 2014 in any way? Let’s find out, by taking a peek at the year to come.


We’ll start off by completing our countdown of the best of 2014, and we’ll celebrate our 909th post in appropriate style.


We’ll work through the last few BRIT Award ceremonies from our pocket history, and celebrate the Grammys and the Stowaways!


Last year we launched the Beginner’s guide series in March. Will we have a similar brainwave this year? Probably not…


In theory, April should see us celebrating the thousandth post on this blog. Proof that quantity is always better than quality.


May will see yet another key New Order anniversary, with the 30th birthday of their key album Low-Life.


June sees lots of key birthdays, such as the 30th anniversary of a-ha‘s Hunting High and Low, two great Saint Etienne albums will come of age, as well as Banco de Gaia‘s brilliant Last Train to Lhasa. Which ones should we celebrate?


All being well, July will see the third anniversary of this blog! We’ll probably get a cake or something.


We’ll probably go on holiday in August. That’s what people do, apparently.


Astonishingly, September will see the fifteenth anniversary of the release of Goldfrapp‘s debut album Felt Mountain.


2015 will see the 35th anniversary of not one but two OMD albums, the second of which will be in October. If we don’t celebrate that somehow then something must be wrong with us…


It will rain lots. It always does. And the nights will draw in, and we’ll all get a bit depressed. It’s always the same, November.


Just as predictable as the coming of the winter, we’ll take a look at the highlights of 2015, and see if we can predict what might happen in 2016. But we’ve got a lot to do first.

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