Beginner’s guide to The Shamen

You remember The Shamen! They did all those cheesy dance tracks with the none-too-subtle drug references! Well yes, and also they made a whole load of other more interesting music too – there’s a lot more too them than you ever realised in the early 1990s.

Key moments

Ebeneezer GoodeBoss Drum, Phorever PeopleLSI, and actually the entirety of the Boss Drum album (1992). And not forgetting Move Any Mountain (1991).

Where to start

Why not start by revisiting all the hits with The Shamen Collection (1996)? You’ll get a hint of some of their earlier and more obscure work, and a slightly pointless megamix disc too.

What to buy

Track down Axis Mutatis (1995), and also the weird narcotic world of Hempton Manor (1996). Then jump all the way back to Drop (1987) to hear how it all began.

Don’t bother with

Don’t actually bother with Boss Drum, as all the good tracks are on the compilation above. 1998’s UV is a bit iffy in places, as, surprisingly, is En-Tact (1991).

Hidden treasure

Move Any Mountain 96 is probably the best of the versions, if you can find it anywhere, and also Axis Mutatis‘s secret bonus disc Arbor Bona Arbor Mala is a quite exceptional album in its own right, but it may be hard to find these days.

For stowaways

3 thoughts on “Beginner’s guide to The Shamen

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  2. I find it a bit strange that you have En-Tact on the “Dont bother” list, En-Tact is to most of the fans the best record.
    Boss Drum also got The Shamen’s own versions of Boss Drum, Comin’On and Phorever People, which is superior to the radio Beatmaster versions. Also Space Time and Scientas are great tracks.

    • That’s fair, but I’m here to give my opinion, not that of most of the fans! If you had to pick a couple of albums for the “Don’t bother” section, which would you go for?

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