Music for the Masses 2 – 24 November 1999

My second ever radio show took place fifteen years ago today, on Aberystwyth’s student radio station Bay Radio. It may be a little self-indulgent, but as a celebration, this is roughly what the show looked like.


Tracks played on the second show, Wed 24 Nov 1999, from 11am-1pm

Tracks taken from the playlist (Total 12 tracks). A indicates A-list (6 tracks); B indicates B-list (3 tracks) and C indicates C-list (2 tracks). S indicates the Single of the Week. R indicates tracks taken from my own collection (Total 10 tracks). L indicates tracks we grabbed at random in the vain hope of impressing people (Total 8 tracks).

  • 1. William Orbit “Barber’s Adagio for Strings” L
  • 2. Underworld “Bruce Lee” B
  • 3. Faithless “Salva Mea” R
  • 4. Cassius “Cassius 1999” L
  • 5. Fun Lovin’ Criminals “Couldn’t Get It” B
  • 6. Gene “Town Called Malice” L
  • 7. Offspring “She’s Got Issues” A
  • 8. Dubstar “Stars” R
  • [Advert Break]
  • 9. Blur “No Distance Left To Run” C
  • 10. David Bowie “Thursday’s Child” L
  • 11. Enigma “Beyond The Invisible” R
  • 12. Travis “Turn” L
  • 13. James “I Know What I’m Here For” (Should have been “We’re Going To Miss You” (A)) L
  • 14. Depeche Mode “Enjoy the Silence” R
  • 15. Murry The Hump “Colouring Book” S
  • 16. Grid “Rollercoaster” R
  • 17. Cuban Boys “Cognoscenti vs. Intelligentsia” A
  • 18. White Town “Wanted” (Vince Clarke Remix 2) R
  • 19. Chicane “Offshore” L
  • 20. Massive Attack & Tracey Thorn “Protection” R
  • 21. Groove Armada “I See You Baby” A
  • 22. Apollo 440 “Heart Go Boom” L
  • [Advert Break]
  • 23. Shamen “Move Any Mountain 96” R
  • 24. Younger Younger 28s “Two Timer” B
  • 25. Rialto “Monday Morning 5:19” L
  • 26. O.D.B. “Got Your Money” A
  • 27. Electronic “Disappointed” R
  • 28. Supergrass “Mary” A
  • 29. Monaco “Sweet Lips” R
  • 30. Muse “Muscle Museum” A

Producer: Karl Homer (I can only presume, unofficially)

Notes: Went very badly on the whole, which is a nuisance. That play button on CD1 is annoying, and it wasn’t just my tools that went wrong – I did too. Still, on the whole a slightly better flow, with a slightly more normal amount of chatter.

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